love sick diaries episode 4

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"Another day at living, another day at winning" Ethan (Chris Vent) prepares to start a new day at his quest to raise the money to save his life from the drug lord, Lorenzo De'mon (James Russo) and his associates, Damian (John Snyder) and Carlos (Micheal David Ricks). Just moments after leaving his DTLA loft he is approached by LAPD officers, Cop 1 (Glen Douglas) and Cop 2 (Allen Bigney), while Carlos looks on from across the street secretly. As day the progresses Ethan runs into Ruby (Maggie Hai-Uyen) at a local cafe, randomly like their souls were supposed to meet that day just less 24 hours after he first noticed that image of her at Charlies (West Liang). Ruby is full of excitement that she feels she met someone that she connected with so quickly that she runs home to tell her roommate Jade (Tara Platt) the good news. Ethan (Chris Vent) makes a stop to visit the cemetery where his parents are buried, but has a moment in which he pictures himself as a child (Sean Davis), and starts to develop a hatred towards God.