film - commercial - music video production

Production is the process of putting together all of the elements that were established during pre-production and using those elements to assemble the film. In this phase the movie is shot. The film sets are constructed, props put into place, lighting is rigged, and camera and sound equipment are set up. While these technical aspects are being camera ready the actors are in wardrobe, hair and make-up.

The actors than rehearse their scripts and blocking with the director, than with the cinematographer. Now the scene is ready to be shot. Film production involves some division of labor, but how that division is carried out, and how power is allocated to various roles, differs from film to film. The means of film production imitates different conceptions of what film is, and the finished film certainly reflects the fashion of production within which the film was created.



sound mixer

film wardrobe


script supervisor

film make up and hair