film wardrobe services

Similar to setting, wardrobe can have explicit meanings in the film, and the reach of potential is great. Wardrobe, which is often called costume design, is the design of the look of the characters in a film. This generally involves designing or selecting clothing, shoes, hats, and head dresses for the actors to wear, but may also include other articles as well. The costume designer, head of wardrobe, will look to develop a character’s persona, within the outline of the director’s creative vision, through the way that a character is dressed.

The costume designer is accountable for all the clothing and costumes worn by all the actors that emerge on screen. This person is also liable for designing, planning, and organizing the assembly of the garments down to the fabric, colors, and sizes. The costume designer works closely with the director to comprehend and interpret “character,” and consults with the production designer to reach an overall tone of the film. OLA Pictures has consistently provided consultation in costume design and has the ability to provide the following services connected to the wardrobe department of a film production.

costume designer

costume supervisor

costume buyer